10 Random Facts about me

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Today is March 1st and my birthday is this month. To celebrate, I decided to do a 30-day blog challenge. Each day, I will post a blog discussing random, hopefully, interesting things about myself.

Today’s blog is 10 random facts about me, so here goes:

1. I love to travel. I love visiting historic sites, museums and taking in the culture. I traveled to NYC in August, 2014 for a writers conference and while there, I went to a movie theatre with a group from the conference. Edge of Tomorrow with Tom Cruise was playing. We took our seats, the lights dimmed and as the movie started playing preview clips for another movie the seat started shacking and jerking around. I jumped up screaming, almost overturned my expensive drink, terrified. One of the guys in our group informed me we were in a MX4D theatre. Everyone laughed when I told them I hadn’t been to a movie theatre in over 15 years.

2. Up until the time I took the leap of faith to pursue my dream of becoming an author, I didn’t take photos.
I’ve never like taking photos and I avoided it by always being the one behind the camera at family events and on vacation.

3. I can drive backwards, as well as I can drive forwards. When I turned 15; my dad gave me his version of a driving test before he took me to get my drivers permit. We live on a farm, dirt road and it’s 9/10 of a mile from the highway. One evening, Dad tossed me the keys and told me to drive him to the highway to check the mail and get the newspaper. I drove to the end of the road, Dad collected the newspaper and mail. He lite a cigarette and told me to put the gear in reverse and drive all the way back to the house.

“Don’t run over my corn nor run off the road. Keep it straight with the road.”

To my surprise, I did. Looking back, I should have known I could do it. I’ve been driving since I was nine.

4. When I was in elementary school, I caught the bus at our next door neighbor, Mrs. Flossy. My mom would drop me off at 6:15 am and my buss would come around 7:45 am. Every morning, I would help Mrs. Flossy feed the chickens, gather the eggs, feed and milk her cow. After school, I would get off the bus and stay Mrs. Flossy until my mom picked me up after work. The time I spent with Mrs. Flossy, I learned how to make homemade butter in a pottery butter churner and sew on an antique foot petal sewing machine.

5. This one might surprise you. Monday through Friday, I don’t watch TV. None. Between working a full time job and pursing my writing, I neither have the time and honestly, TV doesn’t interest me. When I do watch a movie or TV show, I either figure out the plot within 20 minutes or I loose interest. Most often, I loose interest.

6. Here’s another fact that may shock you. I do not like shopping. Even grocery shopping. Since COVID, my husband has become a great shopper. The only time I actually enjoyed shopping is when I would take my mom. Mom, is a great shopper, she knows how to find the bargains and deals. Me? I get drunk circling the racks and out of breathe shoving and pushing on the clearance racks. And why are the dress pants one side of the department and the shirts to make way over in the corner? I don’t have time for that. I’m ashamed to admit it, my mom has been buying my work and church clothes for the past 20 years. The first time I went shopping by myself to prepare for my trip to NYC I thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown. Over time, I learned real quick, internet shopping is the bomb-diggity!

7. I love to cook and I love being at home. Going out to a restaurant doesn’t impress me. On special occasions, I couldn’t be happier with hubby and myself in the kitchen cooking together.

8. I’m a natural night owl. My creative thinking is the most active after 8 pm. For several years, I’ve struggled to maintain a balance between work, home and my desires to write until after midnight. It wasn’t until I came across the term, circadian rhythms, and through research I began to understand my own internal clock. research

9. The characters in my stories talk to me. They let me know when a scene isn’t working and if they don’t like their name. The hero’s name in my current work-in-progress has been changed seven times. I finally settled on James Kirkland. My characters talk to me all the time. In my dreams while I sleep, as I’m working my day job and even now as I’m writing this blog. The heroine in the story I’m working on, Caroline McMillian is saying, ‘Hey what about me? I’m waiting on you to finish my story.”

10. I love horse riding. While researching and plotting my story with James and Carline, I was stuck because I didn’t personally know anyone who owned horses. So last October, I decided to take riding lessons. And guess what? I had a great time. Not only did I learn how to ride a horse, riding helped me to relax and I was able to finish plotting my story.

I hope you’ve enjoy reading about me. This has been fun sharing with you. I would love to hear from you. Please drop me line and let me know we have any thing in common.

Until next time, Keep reaching for the stars. Dreams do come true!

~ Rebecca

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