Don’t Give Up On Your Dreams; Keep Moving Forward

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When things get tough, and you are discouraged, the first thing you should do is NOT give up.
It’s easier said than done, right? If I had a dime for every time I told myself I was going to quit writing, I would be rich! No matter how disappointed and frustrated I became, a few days later my desire to write grew stronger than before and overruled my notion to put my laptop on the bookshelf and never open it again. I learned by taking a break and doing something fun, helped me to relax and not think about my writing problems. I also learned that a change in scenery and my daily routine helped me to brainstorm new scene ideas for my manuscripts.

Staying motivated is a difficult task when it seems the odds are already stacked against you. Responsibilities of work, home, and family often leave us drained with no energy to focus on our dream. Instead of giving up, make a goal list. This is also a great time to evaluate how and where you spend your time. Before the pandemic, I struggled to keep a consistent writing schedule because I worked a swing shift,(one week 8am-6pm the next 11 am-9pm). On my 11-9 weeks, I would dedicate fifteen minutes at night, when I got home from work to write. I would write what ever came to mind, whether it pertained to my current work-in-progress or not. The goal was for me to write. And it worked! It not only helped me to stay focus on my goal, it also helped me to debrief any craziness I encountered on my job that day.

It’s also a great idea to keep a journal. By journaling everyday, you are making a commitment and moving forward. The next step is to write out your goals and plans. When you write out your goals and plans, your acknowledging it and it is also a motivation to keep moving forward.

I would love to hear from you on how you stay focused and moving forward.
Until next time, keep reaching for the stars!

Rebecca Owens

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