How to Find Confidence To Follow Your Dream During A Pandemic

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It’s difficult to follow your dream, let alone have enough courage and confidence to do so during a pandemic. I admit, over the past nine months, I’ve asked myself numerous times as I’ve continue to work from home, ‘can I do this? Can I continue to write and not have any physical contact with others?’
I’m an empty nester, so at home it’s only my husband, myself and our house pet. I live on the family farm and my nearest neighbor are my parents. I’ve never experienced isolation like this before. In a run of a week, I see more squirrels in my yard gathering acorns than I do people.
I miss going out to lunch with my laptop and writing while I enjoyed a nice meal and observed others around me. Being home everyday, I’ve learned to adapt and appreciate the quietness and the absence of interruptions. Whenever the notion strikes for a change of scenery, I gather my laptop and gravitate to another room in my home.

Finding confidence during an unsettling time to try something different and new, without a doubt can be challenging and scary. After all, it’s new. You have no desire to fail, yet you have an aspiration to follow your dream, and to create a legacy. You hesitate and put off making the first step towards what really makes you happy because you don’t have all the answers to your questions and/or you have no idea what your doing. It’s understandable, I’ve been there. I know the feeling all too well. It’s unchartered territory for you, and remaining on the sidelines are a safe place.

The first step to finding confidence is to not compare yourself to others. It is simply unfair to yourself to do so. If your focused on what others are doing compared to yourself, you will not have the energy nor the time to work towards your goals for your dream.

Know what you want and make a plan. Your goals and plan should be concise and realistic. Don’t worry about getting all the details correct in the first draft. As you work your plan, you can change it at anytime to better assist you in achieving your goal.

Be prepared for setbacks. If 2020 hasn’t taught us anything, it’s to expect the severe, unexpected! Don’t beat yourself up if you have to take a hiatus from following your dream. I myself did not write at all for over a year and a half, even by pen and paper, due trauma and home damage from Hurricane Matthew.

Be prepared to be your own motivator. If I had a dime every time I said I was done with writing, when I couldn’t find a beta reader or when it was just too hard, I would be rich. Twelve years later, I’m still writing late at night because deep down I know I can’t give up and quit so easily when writing is what I love to do and it brings me much joy!

Take advantage to learn what you want to do from free resources at your fingertips. During the period of ‘stay at home’ there have been countless free Zoom and Webinars. You can also learn by utilizing, YouTube, Face Book, and by contacting your local community college for their Small Business Center for a list of their free workshops. You can even Google your specified area of interest and most likely find other recourses to learn.

All it takes for you to following their dream is to decide the day is the day, you say ‘Yes!’

Keep reaching for the stars!

~ Rebecca

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