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Time is Money and Money is Time

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Time is money and money is time, is a quote from our founding father, Benjamin Franklin. Two-hundred and seventy-two years later, Franklin’s advise is even more truer today.
So, what does it mean, time is money and money is time? It means the moment you decide to follow your dream, how you spend your time becomes a priority. Your free time away from work and family obligations will become precious and valuable to you. Other words, if your wasting time you won’t be moving forward towards your dream.
During the course of your journey, you will encounter time wasters or time stealers, I prefer to call them. Some I have encountered are: unproductive people, long lines at the grocery store, the weather, traffic, being unprepared and/or anything I was not in control of. Time stealers to also watch out for are: focusing on the wrong tasks, failing to delegate, misjudging time, procrastinating and social media.
The most annoying to me, (before COVID) were long lines at the grocery story, having to drive in circles at the gas station to find a spot and people who would stop me to talk about a whole lot, about a whole lot of nothing. A trick I started doing last year to cut my time short when I encounter a talker, I would glance at the time and respond with, “Opps! Look at the time! I got to go. It was good talking with you, take care.” And I run in the opposite direction. Was it rude? Maybe. The point I’m trying to make is they were time stealers and I needed someplace else to be.
Time stealers can also be technology. As an example, I recently switched my website host to one supported by WordPress. After a week of fiddling around WordPress, I resolved I am not technically suave enough to build the website I wanted, nor did I have the time and patience to read a book and watch countless You Tube videos. I do not have any friends who are website builders, so I hired a website designer to fit my needs and my budget. Four weeks later, my website was up and running.
Somewhere along your journey, you will grow a desire to master time management. Time management, and the evaluation of your time go hand in hand, especially when you need to squeeze time out of your already busy life. Are there chores {laundry, meal prep, etc} that someone else in the family can help with? Instead of spending your weekends mowing the lawn, maybe pay for a lawn service, barter with your teenager or hire a teen in your neighborhood? When you decide to follow your dream, there are going to be some household chores that will go neglected. Your will have to choose which are a priority, which are important and which can be done when you win the lottery and can afford to hire someone to do it. Seriously!
My bed gets made, maybe once or twice a week. No, I was raised to make my bed everyday. Making my bed was on my not too important list, plus, I work the day shift, where my hubby works nights. It made no sense to me to make the bed, when less than an hour later, hubby is subject to throw all the pillows in the floor and then yell for me to come help him find ‘his’ special pillow. Making my bed is another time stealer for me.
Another example of time management, a few years ago, we had home damage when a tree fell on our home during Hurricane Matthew. After the repairs were completed, I needed to scrub and clean the upstairs bedroom where the damage occurred. I expressed my need for help in detailed cleaning and my son, suggested a female friend of his who was a single mother. She agreed to help me one Saturday, I suggested she bring her two young daughters and while her kids watched TV in the next room, we scrubbed walls and chatted. It took the both of us all day to clean the room before I could move my office back in. Instead of taking a week, with a little help, I was able to accomplish it in one day.
I’m passionate about writing and helping others, anyway I can to pursue their dream. The need and my desire to spend more time writing than working my full time job or doing house chores can be overwhelming to the point where I loose focus if I allow it.
Contrary to what corporate American has demanded from it’s employees for the past 20 years, multi-tasking is not always productive and it is not a form of time management. I believe it can cause anxiety, stress and one to become overwhelmed. A few years ago, I began to track how I spent my time each day. I was determined to figure out if and how I would squeeze more time in my day. One day while randomly googling time management tips, I came across the term Circadian Rhythm.
Here are my notes form a Webinar class I attended last year:
Circadian rhythm follows a general pattern. Everybody’s clock settles into a pattern of alertness, followed by dipping energy and then energy recovery. Once you know the typical pattern of energy flow schedule your task accordingly.
Morning: Mornings are the best for decision making and intellectually challenging tasks. Your energy levels are at their highest and you’re alert. Your able to think on your feet and handle difficult/complex issues. You shouldn’t try to schedule meetings or conference calls for this time of day. Focus on reading and analyzing information, problem solving and getting to grips with difficult issues.

Early Afternoon (12:30 pm – 2:30 pm): Your energy levels begin to dip and you should avoid mentally challenging tasks/activities requiring short term memory and quick thinking. Generally, during this time of day, you have the highest tolerance for pain. This is the ideal time to make dentist appointments, chiropractor and or any appointments that might involve discomfort.

Late afternoon (3 pm – 4:30 pm): During this time, your energy levels are at the lowest. You should avoid anything mentally taxing; problem solving; calculations or attending meetings. Try to concentrate on reflective and creative tasks.

Evening: During the evening, your energy levels being to increase. You aren’t as alert as in the beginning of the day. This is the time to undertake routine or repetitive work that requires concentration. Do not focus on analytical skills, instead focus on tasks such as filing, making follow-up calls, checking documentation or capturing data. The evening is also a good time to exercise.

I hope these tips will help you in following your dream. Until next time, keeping reaching for your star in the sky!

~ Rebecca

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