Twelve things my Mother taught me

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Happy Mother’s Day, everyone!

I hope you had a restful and enjoyable day. I am blessed to see another Mother’s day and to be able to spend it with my Mother and family.

This past year with COVID, I made extra effort to spend time with my parents. Working from home has made it easier. On my lunch breaks or after work, I would walk to their home, across the field from mine and visit. Listening to mom and dad talk about the happenings in the community and family, made me long for the simpler times when I was a kid.

Growing up, I learned life lessons from my mom and grandmother that has made me the woman I am today. When I became a mother, I remembered my roots and taught my kids the

1. Take pride in what you do in life; your job, home and family.

2. If you can’t say nothing nice, don’t say anything at all.

3. If you can’t clean up a kitchen properly, you will never learn how to cook. Nastiness is a danger to your health.

4. Work for what you want in life. Don’t sit around and wait on a handout. Get a job and pay your way.

5. Waste not, want not.

Don’t waste food, money and I’ve included time to the list. A quote from Benjamin Franklin, ‘Time is money and money is time’. There are a lot of people who don’t understand this quote. When following your dream, I believe it is a vital to not only understand it, but also live by it. It is valuable to not waste time on frivolous activities when your time could be spent on something more important like following your dream.

6. Take care of what you have. You might not have much compared to others, don’t expect to have nice things if you don’t take care of what you have now.

7. You can’t run the road and take care of a family and home.

Last year there were post on FB and Twitter of people complaining about being stuck at home due to COVID. Many asked how others were handling being at home day after day. Some even expressed a severe case of stir crazy. It wasn’t until I read the posts and shared them with my husband that I realized I am blessed. When my manager came to my department April 7, 2020 and told us to pack up our computer and go home, I danced a little jig, literally. Being able to have a safe environment to call ‘home’, that’s a roof over my head is a blessing.

8. Always save for a raining day and in the summer we canned. One year, I got burned out eating peas and butterbeans, until this day I won’t eat them. I’ll shell them, clean them, blanch them and put them in the freezer. However, I refuse to eat them.

9. Be kind to others, treat them the way you want to be treated.

10. Mind your own business and you will be doing a full time job. I’ve never been one who was interested in what others were doing. Now that I’m an author, that same rule applies. If I’m busy reading and scrolling social media trying to stay up on the happenings, when would I have the time and energy to write my books?

11. When you go out in public, look your best. Using my mother’s words that last time I went to work wearing a wrinkled shirt, ‘Becca Ann I know I taught you better. Where is your iron, somewhere hidden in the closet collecting dust?’

I hate loathe ironing. Every Saturday mom made me iron every everyone’s clothing. She would starch my dad’s Sunday shirts, put them in freezer and have me iron them. Did anyone else mom do this? No, just mine. Sigh. I was afraid of that. I spent my Saturday afternoons ironing, listening to the radio and wishing I was cruising in town with my friends. It never happened. When I complained she made me iron the bedsheets and towels. No joke. I learned to keep my lips tight when Mom was near because she had ears like an owl. When I got married, I only purchased wrinkle free clothing for my husband. No more Saturday’s spent ironing for me.

12. Don’t gossip, especially about other people’s children. You never know what your own children will do in life.

I would love to hear about the things your mother or grandmother taught you. I always enjoy hearing from my readers.
Until next time, take care!


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