Following Your Dreams

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Hello Reader,

Welcome to my new blog! My name is Rebecca Owens and I write Inspirational Romance. I hope you continue to follow me on the journey to ‘Following Your Dreams’.

When I first began writing in 2008, I considered it a hobby, and a stress reliever, from the many hours I worked on my day job when the US financial economy crisis began. It took me four years to write my first book, ‘A Sister’s Love’. After I self-published, I received criticism. I smiled, and shook their comments off like a duck. From that experience I coined the phrase: Shake like a duck, quack, quack, quack, let it roll off your back.

Since then, I have taken on-line writing workshops, attended writer’s conferences in: New York City, Houston, Crystal City, Virginia and in my home state of North Carolina. Looking back, today I feel privileged to have gotten the opportunity to travel. With the uncertainty of the Coronavirus, and my pre-existing health risk, any travel is out of the question.

I have learned a lot over the last several years, and through this blog it is my wish to share it with you. Your probably asking yourself, ‘I don’t care to be a writer, I enjoy reading, or I happened to stumble across your blog’. My goal is to share tips, helpful advise and to encourage everyone to follow their dream. No matter what your age or circumstance, everyone deserves the opportunity to follow their dream; including you!

I don’t know what my dream is….

No, worries. Maybe you have small dreams: to learn how to garden, cook, learn a craft, paint, learn another language, or whatever it may be; the point is, it’s Your dream.

Here are three important reasons why it’s important to follow your dreams.
11 Reasons Why It’s Important to Your Dreams

Following your dream makes life worth living. When you are focused on, leaning how to garden, for example, you are reading gardening blogs, you are using your free time to learn how to property prep the soil, comparing and deciding what plants to grow, what fertilizer is best and so forth. And by growing vegetables, you are providing healthy and almost free food for yourself and/or your family.

You will meet other’s who are following their dream; like me! You have already met one person following their dream, so your on the right path. There is a saying I grew up with: ‘Birds of a feather, flock together.’ I love to meet other authors and readers. I get to meet others who are following their dream and I love listening to other readers talk about which books they have read and why they love the book(s). It’s a wonderful experience to meet new people who are interested in a common goal – you guessed it; following your dream.

You can truly find happiness. There are only a handful of things that have brought me the same equivalent of joy and happiness as writing. When I finish a scene, finish a chapter or when I submitted a short story to be published in an Anthology last September, I was over the moon!

I’ll admit; following your dream is scary and most often difficult. Anything worth pursing in life is never easy. It takes work, dedication, determination and an open mindset. It is also an adventure, a positive step forward in learning about yourself, others and discovering true happiness.

~ Rebecca

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